State-of-the-art technology
and highly trained,
experienced practitioners.

Optimal results require the combination
of a few essential elements: 1) LPG's
patented, state-of-art technology and
2) the expertise of your trained ans
certifed practioner in tailoring
the clinically proven
Lipomassage methodology
to target your unique needs.


Lipomassage picks up
where diet and exercise leave off.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet,
weight loss plans....
You've done everything to lose
those unsightly fat bulges but that
stubborn fat just won't budge.
Now iy will. Lipomassage is a non
surgical solutin for stubborn fat,
sellulite and loose, sagging skin.
Ask your practitioner about this
scientifically proven treatment.







The secret to a slimmer body
lies with LPG, and at the heart
of the adipocyte.

Studies have shown that Lipomassage
activates adipocytes (fat cells)
via their B receptors to trigger lipolyses
(fat release). Lipomassage also
stimulates the fibroblast (firming),
breaks down fat accumulation,
smoothes the dimpled aspect
of the skin and
increases fluid exchanges.

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